Delivery Drones Trial the Skies in Israel

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Five delivery drone companies have been chosen by the Israeli government in an attempt to unite the skies. As delivery drones become more accessible, they also become more dangerous. Given the rising number of companies and technologies, there is a strong need to create one regulated grid to ensure the drones don’t crash into each other, and onto anyone else.

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Under the Innovation Authority, Na’ama, the Israeli Urban Air Mobility Initiative, will run the first trial to unite the skies in March, where 20 drones from varying companies will operate in the same airspace. The aim is to create a widescale approach to ensure the safety and future of commercial drone fleets. Delivery drones have already seen a rise in 2020, delivering food, medicine, packages, and mail. With one coordinated grid and a central database, the delivery drone services can fly safely through the skies.

Innovation Authority VP of Growth Sagi Dagan says, “Today, in order to receive a flight path from the Civil Aviation Administration, a week is needed. Here we are moving into an approval time of one second to allow hundreds of flights a day and later thousands and tens of thousands of flights a day. There are high safety demands and if we address them then at the end of the year, Israel will be the world leader in flying multiple drones in a shared environment.”



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