Comment from Prof. Gabriel Izbicki: To Be Vaccinated or Not To Be

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Comment from Prof. Gabriel Izbicki, Head of the Pneumology Department at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

After the interview I gave for BTL News and other media, where I, among other things, stated that we should be careful with the COVID-19 vaccine, I want to share my current recommendations. As I heard some people who oppose vaccination made use of my interview to prove their point of view, I want to distance myself from these oppositions. In addition, the recent publication of clinical studies in esteemed medical journals, and their analysis of results have led me to slightly modify my recommendations.

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Given the current state of the pandemic in Israel and around the world, I strongly recommend that all adults over 40 years of age (or under that age but with chronic diseases) get vaccinated as soon as possible. The number of people vaccinated worldwide has reached several million to date, compared to only a few tens of thousands at the time of my interviews. There are only a few, mostly mild side effects: pain at the injection site, headache, muscle pain, etc. It is possible, if necessary, to take a pill paracetamol (Acamol in Israel) after the vaccination. No serious side effects could be attributed with certainty to the vaccine.

The death toll has exceeded two million worldwide and 4,000 in Israel. The number of seriously ill people is increasing every day and the hospitals have reached the limit of their capacity. The virus is spreading very quickly and we are seeing an increasing number of people, who are normally healthy, have contracted severe COVID infections and are in need of hospital treatment. It often takes the sick, including those who have had a mild illness, weeks or even months to recover and function normally again.

Finally, I would like to strongly encourage anyone over 40 years old (or under that age but with chronic diseases) and young people who are in contact with these people at risk to get vaccinated as soon as possible because the real problem is today: TO BE VACCINATED… OR NOT TO BE.

Photo Credit: Prof. Gabriel Itzbicki



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