An Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian Plan to Save the Dead Sea

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In 2016, three Middle Eastern men joined together with one mission – to save the Dead Sea. Oded Rahab, an Israeli entrepreneur, Munqeth Meyhar, a Jordanian environmental activist, and Yusef, a Palestinian lifeguard, may not always agree on everything, but their love of nature exceeds their need for politics. “We knew we needed collaborators on an international aspect. It’s a place that belongs to all this region, and therefore we should jointly head for this kind of important project,” says Rahab.

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Back then, the three set out on a journey to swim across the Dead Sea, a feat never been done before given its overwhelmingly salty waters, known for its healing qualities and its sting.

Their journey was filmed and the trio became known as The Dead Sea Guardians. Losing over a meter of water a year, the lowest place on earth has been in danger for decades. Their swim together is an attempt to bring awareness to an important cause. Today, they are running a crowdfunding campaign to support the release of the documentary, in hopes of raising public awareness, and moreso, hope.

“How do you save a dead sea? It’s not only a sea, but all the businesses surrounding it. How do you create hope? Hope is something that is so in need today.”

Today is the last day of the campaign, which is 89% funded. To further support the project, visit here.



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