Drone Delivery Service is Medical Game Changer

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Working in the Israeli Airspace Industries, Eyal Regev’s imagination began to fly. In 2006, when the first drone entered the sphere, Regev wondered, what if this new toy could be as powerful as an aircraft? It took him a few years, yet Regev co-founded Gadfin, an Israeli startup that has developed a way to connect the globe, quickly, easily, and for the greater good.

Photo Credit: Gadfin

Now working with a team of 8, Gadfin developed an autonomous hybrid drone, or a mini-aircraft, which can withstand strong winds, travel long distances, and aims to deliver medical supplies and other urgent needs to places less traveled. The device, designed by technology engineers, is made for the quick delivery to remote areas in times of crisis. It can carry up from 5-50 kilograms and is fully automated. In today’s COVID-19 world, even delivering food and medicine to people in need is the current aim to support the quickly developing technology.

Of the name, Regev says that Gadfin means “wings” in Aramaic. The mystical book, the Zohar, says that “in order to develop as a person you need to have two wings. One wing is the light of wisdom, representing ego and capabilities, the gifts you receive from God. The other wing is the light of mercy, in order to use it for good.”



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