Tel Aviv Gets a Ferry?

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As light rail construction ensues until its alleged end date in 2022, all roads leading to Tel Aviv continue to grow in traffic congestion – though a new and quite creative solution was proposed – a ferry system. The idea was sourced by Miri Regev, the newly appointed Transportation Minister, who asked for solutions in how to manage the increasing amounts of traffic.

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Regev proposed a ferry system, similar to that of Manhattan or Istanbul, which would connect the coastal cities of Israel, offering an alternate, and quicker, way to travel between Tel Aviv and Ashdod, Ashkelon, Netanya, and other port cities in Israel. What would normally take 41 minutes by car from Ashdod, would take only 26 minutes by ferry.

Regev would want the shuttle system to be subsidized, an additional sea-level route within the current public transportation system. However, there is still no time frame, cost details, or infrastructure included in the report as to what would be needed.

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