Israeli Agriculture Is Top of the Field

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Professor Dani Zamir of Hebrew University is being awarded with the Israel Prize for his research on genetic cultivation and improving plant life. The award is given annually by the Education Ministry for scholars who are contributing valuable research to the fields of agriculture and environmental science.

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Zamir has been teaching genetics at Hebrew University for the past 35 years, and has been granted numerous research projects throughout the years, in both Israel and internationally. Zamir has discovered groundbreaking results when it comes to breeding crops, creating sustainable agriculture, and using innovation to connect ancient skills with a modern future.

Zamir has done work to improve the growth of plants, and is known for the work he has to done with tomatoes, specifically cultivating them to fight dryness, salt and other diseases. He also supported the development of a specific species in California which has been leading the tomato industry for the past decade. Two decades ago, he founded ABseeds, a company combining top technology with agriculture to grow optimal produce.


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