Orthopedic Technology Improves Painful Medical Process

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In a medical breakthrough, Israeli technologies are shifting the patient paradigm when it comes to painful orthopedic procedures. When orthopedic surgeries result in the need to adjust and correct internal bone structure, meaning there is a need for external fixation, or the turning of metal screws in the body daily, for months. This process is often painful, requires patient discipline, and can be potentially harmful to the patient if not done accurately. Having a patient or family member responsible for spinning such screws is a danger to the patients proper healing, and in extreme cases, can result in needing another surgery.

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Enter OrthoSpin, an Israeli company started in 2014, which developed a medical technology in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. The device supports real time robotic external fixation for patients, as well as a built-in physician follow-up. The device automatically adjusts the screws when needed, releasing the patient from constant concern and the doctor’s dependence on patient compliance.

The OrthoSpin system shifts the world of this treatment, makes patients less vulnerable to post surgery harm, and improves the quality of care that doctors are able to provide. The company is located in the North of Israel in the Galilee region, and has received FDA clearance for orthopedic treatments.



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