Israeli Tourism Increases by 11% in 2019

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Over 4.55 million visitors landed in Israel from January through November in 2019. This marks the third consecutive year that Israel has experienced a record-breaking increase in tourism. The top five countries with incoming visitors are the United States, France, Russia, Germany, and England. There was also a 51% increase from incoming visitors from China.

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The tourism industry is key in supporting the development of Israel, injecting about NIS 23 billion into the economy, reported the Ministry of Tourism. Jerusalem remains the most visited city, and hotel stays increased by 8%. Other increased in hotel stays were Tiberias at 18% and Tel Aviv at 9%.

The Ministry of Tourism has invested in marketing Tel Aviv and Jerusalem specifically in order to attract tourists, and today they are working on spotlighting other unique spots of Israel including the southern region. Yariv Levin, Minister of Tourism spoke that “the historic achievement is a direct result of the ongoing revolution in marketing Israel around the world, led by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, in infrastructure development, incentives for international airlines to open new routes into the country, and collaborations with the world’s leading tourism agents.”

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