Israel Team Premieres in Tour de France 2020

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For the first time ever, Israel will participate in the internationally esteemed cycling race, Tour de France. The team, called Israel Start-Up Nation, will consist of about 30 riders from 16 countries. The team includes four Israeli riders, Guy Sagiv, Guy Niv, Omer Goldstein and Itamar Einhorn. The talented global group participated in a two-week training camp in Israel, in order to train, connect and experience the country firsthand.

Photo Credit: Noa Arnon

The Israel Cycling Academy, started only five years ago, has partnered with Start-Up Nation Central, a global platform to connect the world with Israeli innovations. The collaboration is a means to support the cycling technologies and innovations pumping out of the Israeli startup ecosystem. Another partner playing in the race is the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, which invites the idea that each cyclist has the opportunity to play a role of a peace ambassador through its representation of Israel. Almost 85% of the team is not Israeli, and so the cooperation supports the idea that sports can play a crucial role in terms of peace. Cultures, traditions and beliefs may differ – yet with one mission, all can successfully and gracefully coexist.

Sylvan Adams, co-founder of the Israel Cycling Academy and the driving force behind the growth of cycling sport in Israel, speaks on seeing his dreams come true. “The dream of competing in the Tour de France, almost unthinkable only five years ago when we launched the team, is now coming true. A professional team with world-class Israeli riders alongside the finest international talents, racing with pride in one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.”


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