Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 104th Birthday with 400 Offspring

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On her 104th birthday, Shoshana Ovitz had one wish for all of her children, grandchildren and descendants to meet at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. About 400 family members showed up to celebrate, fulfilled her birthday request. Ovitz survived the Holocaust, specifically Auschwitz, and suffered the loss of her family, witnessing her mother being taken by the evil Joseph Mengele, who was known to perform inhumane medical experiments on Jews.

Photo Credit: Sivan Rahav Meir

While searching for her family after the Holocaust in Austria, Ovitz met her husband Dov, who lost his wife and three children. The newfound couple was married in their early 30s and had their first daughter in Austria. Later they moved to Haifa, Israel where Shoshana worked as a seamstress and Dov ran a shop. The pair had three more children and since then, their family tree has truly blossomed.

The birthday celebration was organized by a few family members, including eldest granddaughter Pnina Freidman. Unfortunately, family members from overseas couldn’t make it, yet Shoshana’s dream still came true, with the impact hitting the family only in the middle of the event. The great grandmother wanted to bless each of her offspring one by one; however, her daughter encouraged one blessing for all, as it might take some time.

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