Health Matters Most in Israel, Study Shows

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A recent study asked citizens of Israel to prioritize what mattered to them most by quality of life indicators. Across the board for all sectors including Israelis, Arabs, and Haredi, health was the top priority.

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Quality of life indicators covered ten areas, such as family, health, education, income, employment, housing, community, environment, public infrastructure, and exposure to crime. Jews, whether religious or secular, held similar values, and responded with the same top six indicators as priority. They were health, personal well-being and family life, education, income and economic status, employment and housing.

Arabs surveyed responded with a compatible set of values; however, they ranked education and employment over family and personal wellbeing. Arabs were also less satisfied overall than Jews. Between men and women, women ranked health and wellbeing higher, while men prioritized public infrastructure.

This is only the second time this report has been done through the Haredi Institute of Public Affairs, which aims to bridge the gaps between Israeli society and Haredi society by supplying metrics which might support creating more integration tools to blend society.


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