Billions of Butterflies Hit Israel

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As Israel flooded with Purim celebrations, it also saw millions of Painted Lady butterflies flutter through the skies. The black and orange “Cosmopolitan” of butterflies are in migration mode, flying from the Arabian Peninsula, and landing in Israel to refuel themselves on their long journey towards Cyprus and Europe.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

This is the first time that such dense amounts of butterflies have been spotted across the country, from the southern Negev desert to the Tel Aviv beach to the Carmel mountain up north. While the butterflies naturally fly along the coastline, the currently blooming flower fields of Israel were the main rest stop.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority reports that up to one billion butterflies could have taken over the skies, in search of food and breeding sites. Painted Lady butterflies reproduce as they migrate. Thanks to Israel being in bloom, a new generation of butterflies will be born.

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