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In the latest global culture project led by Google Arts & Culture, the National Library of Israel, and a number of its exhibitions, are now available to be seen across the world online. In their project called Once Upon A Try, Google aims to share “stories of invention and discovery,” and is partnering with NASA, CERN and over 100 museums which boast the best of science, technology, and innovations of the past.

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The project creates easier access for people to learn and discover more about the sparks of genius which took place years ago to enable the technology revolution which many today may take for granted. The National Library in Israel is the first Israeli partner cooperating within the project, which is the largest online exhibition where over 400 interactive exhibitions can be explored.

Director of National Library, Oren Weinberg says that “The National Library is proud to share our treasures with the world as we take part in this significant initiative, which tells the stories behind some of the major developments that have impacted human history and culture,” he added.


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