Revolutionary Tech Solves Global Water Crisis

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In only six years’ time, two thirds of the world will face a shortage of clean drinking water. While the earth is covered in 70% water, only 1% of that is accessible as drinking water, the world’s most valuable resource for survival.

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Thanks to the groundbreaking Israeli innovation, water can be created from nothing but air. Enter Watergen, who has created a number of products to utilize their water-from-air system, which includes filtering, purifying and chilling. From a home drinking system called GENNY, which can make 56 liters of water, to an 800-kilo truck, which can produce 600 liters of water a day, the result is always the same – clean drinking water for people in need.

It works with an input of ambient air, removes dust and dirt, sets the right temperature to reach a dew point, producing water into a tank. It then treats and purifies the water, filtering out remaining pollutants, cooling, and circulating it consistently to keep it fresh.

The company, with a headquarters based in Miami Florida, supports humanitarian needs, environmental needs, crisis and disaster management, and a sustainable medical resource.

The technology was piloted in India and Asia, and will soon be stationed in schools and hospitals in Brazil. Watergen is also supporting the Californian Wildfire Relief, and is collaborating with the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, on research and development projects. Watergen also partners with the Red Cross to provide equipment for countries without access to clean drinking water and for supporting aid during natural disasters.

The company is also in discussions with Ford, based on their latest release of an in-vehicle water generating system, which won the CES 2019 awards for Best Innovative Technology.

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