Easier Cure for Burn Victims

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Imagine curing a deep burn scar with a small breeze? That’s exactly what Israeli company, Nanomedic has been working to make happen since 2007. They have innovated a portable electro-spinning technology to create what is the only portable medical device for curing burn victims. Looking similar to a glue gun, SpinCare is the first product to use nanotechnology and biomaterials, which is comparable to a bandage but highly advanced.

It is intended for second degree burns and deep chronic wounds. The device eases the healing process, as it allows for minimization of treating wounds, as the new layer of skin stays for two to three weeks, allowing the burn to heal. The treatments allow for a return to daily life, and patients can take showers and have free movement. This is not common when such dressings need to be changed every few days and are unable to get wet.

“The unique aspect of our device is that we manufacture on-site a transient skin layer, a protective layer that remains on the wound throughout the healing process.” says Dr. Chen Barak, the company’s CEO.

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Ultimately, the “technology enhances the inherent characteristics of the electro-spun nanofibers, mimicking the structure of the body tissues, and providing an excelling medium for tissue integration and regeneration and facilitating the body healing process.”

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