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 Eilat International Airport Opens in Israel

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

The second international airport in Israel has opened its runways in Eilat. The Ilan and Asaf Ramon Airport building began in 2013, and the $460 million project is now operational. In an opening ceremony held on January 21, Benjamin Netanyahu dedicated the airport to Ilan and Asaf Ramon, a father and son who both died…

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Celebrating the New Year of Trees

in Tourism & Nature

With the passing of the Gregorian new year comes Tu’bshvat, known to many as the “tree holiday,” marking a time in the Jewish calendar when trees are celebrated. Ecological gatherings, harvest feasts and tree planting ceremonies run rampant through the agricultural and educational systems founded in Israel. While some see Tu’bshvat as a trivial holiday,…

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Communal Living Makes a Comeback

in Life, Culture & Sports

One could say the concept sprouted in Israel with the first kibbutz in 1909, when group settlements and collective living experiences were both desirable and necessary for survival. Today, of the 270 kibbutzim which exist in Israel, only a handful still operate like they used to. Capitalism and commercialism made communal living less needed and…

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Lifesaving Healthcare Developments in Israel

in Health & Science

Israeli culture breeds dedicated values to repair the world, and a slew of recent developments have been introduced to serve and solve specific health conditions of a few common, yet crucial healthcare issues. From sleep to stress, a number of Israeli companies are providing new solutions from the Israeli health innovation and medical technology fields.…

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Hiring Prostitutes is a Criminal Offense in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Of the 14,000 sex workers in Israel, 76% of them would leave the field if they could. Of the 14,000, 3,000 are children, and the majority remain trapped in a cycle of poverty, power struggle, and lack of psychological and emotional support. In order to spark a systemic change in this issue, Israel passed a…

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