A Million Dreams on the Moon

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A mission to the moon will carry a unique Israeli time capsule along with it for future generations. Along with the Declaration of Israeli Independence, an unmanned space craft will carry with it an Israeli flag, a map of Israel, a copy of the national anthem, the Bible, and a protective traveler’s prayer; in Hebrew called Tefillat Haderech. The capsule will also carry a picture of Ilan Ramon, Israeli pioneer astronaut who died in 2006 from a fatal mission to space.

Photo Credit: Yoav Weiss from SpaceIL site

The small satellite capsule called Beresheet is being built and launched by SpaceIL and the Israeli Aerospace Industries, who are also collaborating with NASA and the Weizmann Institute to ensure tracking and communication throughout the process. After the United States, Russia and China, Israel will be the fourth country to send a similar mission to the moon. SpaceIL, who crafted the device, created the smallest lunar module to be sent to the moon. The satellite weighs only 600 kilograms and measures 1.5 by 2 meters wide.

The most special part of the moon mission? The organizations asked children to submit pictures of what they would do if they made it to the moon. Over one million children submitted pictures, and their dreams will also be carried along with the Israel paraphernalia. The aim behind the mission is to leave a lunar legacy for future generations, and to inspire young kids to dream beyond the boundaries of what they know.

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