Can these Toilets Save the World?

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It’s not turning water into wine, but a new Israeli company is turning toilet waste into clean energy. HomeBiogas recently launched the Bio-Toilet, a sanitary solution which turns waste into cooking gas, offering up an all-in-one solution for global rural areas which lack access to clean toilets.

Photo: HomeBiogas Website

The company, led by CEO and co-founder Oshik Efrati, is creating an affordable and accessible sanitation solution to communities who live off the grid. With 4.5 billion people across the globe without access to clean toilets, the Bio-Toilet might be just the shift needed in order to create largescale impact within the tiny communities.

After visiting remote communities in Africa and India, the team hopes to create a way to recycle waste in a sustainable, safe way, with little maintenance and easy access. The company is currently making sales to Mexico, Kenya, Turkey, and remote communities in Israel.

Creating renewable energy out of waste management is not only creatively revolutionary, perhaps this kind of environmental and economical thinking can also one day, save the world.



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