E-commerce is Changing with Container Sharing

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Imagine all the people being able to shop online for different things, from different shops, all to be packed in one container and shipped to Israel. If you’ve ever dealt with international shipping costs, this might sound like a dream. Especially to Israelis, as importing items into Israel is typically a nightmare thanks to high taxes, exorbitant shipping costs and other bureaucratic drama. However, one Israeli startup is trying to change the world of online shopping and more specifically, worldwide shipping, for Israel and beyond.

Enter Ladingo, a new Israeli based shipping startup centered in Hod HaSharon which aims to create a way for international customers to shop online with significantly reduced costs of shipping and handling, focused specifically on optimizing containers for large home appliances like sofas and washing machines.

The Israeli company aims to globally connect sellers, buyers and freight shipping. They are essentially working to make the world a smaller place by providing a platform where anyone can buy from anywhere, and have the advantage of the most optimal shipping path. Ladingo is creating a way for international consumers to connect to global retailers, to expand the way people, especially in Israel, shop online.

Like a collective sourcing of online shoppers meet overseas shippers make for a satisfying, and potentially borderless, business to client relationship through e-commerce. Thanks to Ladingo’s efforts, perhaps the e in e-commerce can represent efficiency, for sellers, buyers, and all in between on a global scale.

Ruth Reiner, co-founder alongside Hagar Valiano and Guy Levy, states in an article posted on the company website that “global B2C retail e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $4.5 trillion by 2020, some claim that container sharing will soon become a fundamental part of international B2C e-commerce fulfillment.”

Based in the startup city of Tel Aviv, Zo Flamenbaum is a writer and social entrepreneur who dedicates her time to mission-driven projects that empower connection between the many diverse layers of our world. In 2014, she founded School of Shine as a value-based educational space for women who are tired of the ‘default life’ and crave personal freedom through self-expression for more purposeful living.

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