Sea Turtles Being Saved in Israel

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Sea turtles are on the verge of extinction, and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority have begun their annual round up of turtle eggs in order to protect the small prey from danger. Every May, the team at sea turtle rescue center scours the beach for turtle nests, and gently moves the vulnerable eggs to a secure place to hatch.

About a decade ago, only 50 nests per year were found on the shores, and today, almost double the amount of nests are being saved.

Loggerhead turtles are one of two types of turtles living in the Mediterranean waters, and many are also on the coasts along Turkey and Greece. On a whole, about 2,500 turtles remain. While eggs are in the most danger of death, adult turtles also experience harm when they encounter fishing boats, pollution or poachers.

With the decline of sea turtles, the ocean may well find itself unbalanced, as over 100 species alone have been found to live on the shells of sea turtles. Even by saving a small group of turtles every year, it provides hope for the future generation of turtles to come.

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