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Prince William Visits Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, will be the first British royal to visit Israel officially, and just in time to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday. He will also visit Jordan and the Palestinian territories. Israeli government officials are abuzz with the news, as various members of the British royal family have been extended invitations numerous times to…

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Desert Truffles are the New Cash Crop

in Tourism & Nature

The Ramat HaNegev Desert Agriculture Center has grown a new, luxurious and exquisite truffle, one which they claim costs almost as much as silver – and about four times more than uranium. The newest desert truffle sells for about $120 per pound and is priced highly, as other truffles, due to their difficultly to cultivate.…

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The Purim Tale of Power Women

in Life, Culture & Sports

In a modern land steeped with ancient patriarchy, the annual Purim celebration has landed, and humanity has much to learn from the Jewish holiday story and its characters. Purim is known as a joyous holiday and is celebrated in four ways in Jewish tradition. People read the Megillah, or the story of Esther, dress up,…

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Israel Appoints Ultra-Orthodox Female Judge

in Health & Science

Havi Toker just made history as the first official Ultra-Orthodox judge appointed to Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court in Israel. Toker, 41, studied law at Hebrew University and spent the past two decades working in the legal district in Jerusalem. Her appointment to the Supreme Court is a large leap forward for women. Toker was born in…

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Israeli desert turned into Mars mission

in Economy & Innovation

If the Israeli desert seems like it’s light years away, for six Israeli pioneers, for four days, it was. Named the “Ramonauts,” four men and two women stepped into a simulated mission to Mars, or the closest space they could find to it – the Israeli desert. According to the Israeli Space Agency, the Ramon…

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