Israeli solution may give sight to the blind

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In an ongoing Israeli medical technology revolution, there are promising signs that one company is fighting, and possibly winning, the battle against global blindness. CorNeat has created a potential solution for the upwards of 2 million people per year who deal with corneal disease and blindness. With their new patent-pending blend of technology, they have uncovered a new treatment for corneal blindness, instead of the only current solution which is corneal transplants.

Corneal disease is the second major reason causing blindness around the world, with cataracts being the first. Between 20-30 million patients overall are in need of a remedy, and only about 200,000 people per year are able to receive a corneal replacement.

CorNeat’s new proposed solution is a synthetic corneal implant whose ultimate aim is to stimulate cell growth using chemical engineering techniques on a physiological level. The nanotechnology integrates artificial and ocular tissues to create a viable corneal replacement with the hopes of restoring eye sight. The solution has been tested on animals with successful results, and will soon be tested in both Israel and the United States with the potential promise of a cure for corneal blindness.

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