Israeli First Responders to Natural Disasters

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In a world overflowing with natural disasters, a slew of Israeli organizations is taking on missions to help repair the world. As a steadfast Jewish value, repairing the world, or tikkun olam, is the responsibility of each individual to perform acts of kindness, especially for those who might be in disadvantaged circumstances. Perhaps due to Israel’s history, understanding and empathy, the tiny country is known to be a first responder when it comes to crisis in other countries.

In the past week, disastrous floods have let loose across the world, including in Nepal, Sierra Leone, and the most massively destructive storm, named Harvey, which hit Texas in the United States. Israeli organizations such as Israid, United Hatzalah, and iAID have sent teams to provide support wherever needed. In Texas, with over 100,000 homes destroyed, the number one need is psychological aid. In total, about twenty Israelis, including mental health experts and disaster management experts are stationed in Texas, and more globally in order to help those in distress.

In total, there are over 3 Israeli aid teams in Texas alone, who will also continue their work along Louisiana and Mississippi, and are dedicated to helping those affected by the flood get back on their feet, at least emotionally deal with the trauma that has and is occurring. With support of the Israel Rescue Coalition, they continue to send help to whatever region, wherever and whenever is in need of support.


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