Israeli Digital Health Industry is Booming

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The Startup Nation has picked up millions in investments thanks to its dedication to advancing the medical field. In the constantly advancing industry of medical technology, Israel is becoming a leader in the digital health field. Over the past year alone, the sector grew in finances, involvement and innovation.

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Since 2015, investment in the digital health field have increased by about 30%, with most funding going towards the almost 200 startups devoted to personal health tools. The other sectors make up about 185 startups and include telemedicine, clinical work flow, wearables and sensors, and health analytics.

The annual report from the Digital Health Authority states “The Digital Health sector worldwide is rapidly transforming passive patients into active healthcare consumers. The most highly funded subsectors in the industry were patient/consumer oriented, receiving $4.6B out of $8.1B total funding in 2016.”

Digital health is changing the way people are taking care of themselves. It offer opportunities for people to gain access to medical information, ease up expenses and receive faster results. It’s also improving the way medical offices handle their business and their consumers, creating easier ways to communicate and manage medical records.

In an empowered consumer community, offering up personal health methods to create better medical care, lower costs, and more accessible results is a true life changer.

From May 23-25, over 6,000 global participants related to the digital health field will gather at the MIXiii BIOMED conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Startup Nation may find its small size with a large advantage. Israel is able to consciously connect between medical sectors and big data to create powerful solutions to personal health.

Based in the startup city of Tel Aviv, Zo Flamenbaum is a writer and social entrepreneur who dedicates her time to mission-driven projects that empower connection between the many diverse layers of our world. In 2014, she founded School of Shine as a value-based educational space for women who are tired of the ‘default life’ and crave personal freedom through self-expression for more purposeful living.

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