Apple acquires Israeli Facial Recognition Software

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The fourth time is the facial recognition charm. The giant US corporation, Apple Inc, has acquired RealFace, an Israeli invented software with built in facial recognition. This is the fourth time that Apple has hit the Israeli market to snatch up a genius software, and they report spending about $2 million dollars.

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RealFace is a software invented by two Israelis, Adi Barzilai and Aviv Mader. They have a team of about ten employees and had just raised a million dollars; however, Apple’s offer was one they simply couldn’t refuse. The aim of RealFace is to protect smartphones and computers against unknown users.

The co-founders originally started with an app, which was able to recognize a person’s best photos from every social platform they’re active on, and speculations about the software share they can be used for a multitude of purposes, from augmented reality to 3D printing.

Given the rumors that Apple is coming up with a facial recognition device, it’s no wonder they snapped up this Israeli software startup. In the past, Apple has made a purchase for up to $345 million dollars, and we wonder why the Israeli RealFace duo didn’t hold out. We’ll have to wait for the iPhone 8 to see.

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