Politics And Media Sources Still Corrupt

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It might be the most legally ambiguous story of the year so far. Benjamin Netanyahu has recently received many blows about corruption, as well as his potentially corrupt counterpart, Arnon Mozes of the Yediot Ahronot newspaper.
Evidence has surfaced stating that Netanyahu and Mozes were in talks about a beneficial agreement. The agreement would consist of Mozes shining more positive light on Netanyahu in his newspapers, and in turn, Netanyahu would curb circulation of Mozes’ competitor, Sheldon Adler, leader of Israel Hayom.

Secret agreements with massive influence - unless they are outed
Secret agreements with massive influence – unless they are outed

Freedom House has listed a large drop in Israel’s media as ‘partly free’ instead of its previous listing of ‘free.’ This comes as no surprise as allegations have been made and articles have reported on the story, though the story is clear. Politicians are still corrupt, as are the media and news counterparts who assist them in elevating their own power, money and greed.

The difference is that in Israel, they get caught and outed. The major issue in this story is that we, the public, have been validated, once again, that both politics and media are in it for their own power, and have no desire or concern with the public’s rights to understand, accept or acknowledge what is moral, valid and true. Except, of course, Israel Between the Lines – neither here nor there, we simply state it how it is.

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