Too Many Women Suffer from Intimate Partner Violence

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There is a reason why the UN initiated an international day to “End Violence Against Women” on November 25, and the subject of domestic violence against women is continued to be discussed worldwide. A study recently conducted by the Ben Gurion University in Israel proves that almost 40% of women in Israel between the ages of 16 to 48 have suffered violence from their partners. This includes mental, physical or verbal violence.

40% of Israeli Women Suffer from Violence (Pixabay)

The studies also found that low income, religious Arab sectors, or those living in urban areas experience greater levels of violence. Instances which showed intimate partner violence, or IVP, also showed more health risks and issues within women. The studies found that women who have been subjected to violence by their partners experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, post partum depression, and have a host of other health problems like miscarriages and premature births.

The study is the first of its kind done in Israel. It sheds light on the fact that women are subjected to violence by those closest to them. Perhaps a change in the foundation of the healthcare system should be discussed next in order to ensure women are given the opportunity to remain healthy and safe.

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