Israeli Startup Makes Breakthrough for Parkinson’s Diagnosis

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An Israeli startup called BioShai is paving the way for creating a new experience for patients who may suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Their product is a simple blood test to allow for an early diagnosis of the disease. It all started in 2010 when a company’s research showed that specific genes in blood could detect Parkinson’s. From this research, Bioshai was founded.

New hope against Parkinson’s disease (Credit: Pixabay)

Over 10 million people worldwide suffer from this chronic disease, and many cases go completely unnoticed. The disease can commonly take years to diagnose, and BioShai has made a discovery to positively affect the process within the field of Parkinson’s disease. Especially with Parkinson’s, symptoms and early signs are not always clear. With BioShai rolling out their new life-changing product, many lives will be affected positively.

By diagnosing the disease in the early stages, patients can receive better treatment and have a better chance to improve their overall quality of life. The blood test is being tested in beta mode through 2017, and then BioShai will seek regulatory approval in Europe.

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