Israeli Woman Sparks Entrepreneurship and Investment in Palestinian Youth

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A powerhouse for the Palestinian community made her mark in the economy by helping the Palestinian high tech sector go from almost 0% to a 6% GDP.

A leader amongst social investments to create positive social change, Zika Abzuk has implemented various efforts to infuse technology investment into the Palestinian sector, particularly in the youth community.

Zika Abzuk is honored for her work.
In 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton awarded Cisco the Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence, which was presented in Jerusalem by Ambassador James B. Cunningham (r) to Cisco Senior Manager Zika Abzuk. (Credit: US Embassy, Wikimedia)

Abzuk, who calls Israel home, felt passionate about connecting Israeli and Palestinian youth through the already pumping Israeli technology scene. She wanted to find a way to bridge society and felt strongly about providing opportunities to youth in need.

Because of the already successful status of the high tech industry, she committed and was adamant to find investors who believed in the cause, and supported the start up nation to encourage all young entrepreneurs with no borders.

By proving a platform to expose Arab communities to the stunning startup scene in Israel, Abzuk has inspired many changes in the patterns, behaviors  and opportunities provided to Palestinian youth.



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