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Big Boost for New Airport

in Tourism & Nature

The government is currently preparing the opening of Israel’s most-southern airport near Eilat. However, while the finishing touches are applied to Ramon Airport (scheduled to open in April 2017), the weathered Ovda airport has now been exempted from landing fees for the next season. This will not only boost this winter’s tourism but will make…

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Stories from the Holy Land: Tel Aviv, oh, Tel Aviv

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Last week I was interviewed by a German radio station about my relationship to Tel Aviv – and I have to admit that choosing the term ‚relationship‘ is simply spot on. Tel Aviv and me, that’s like a big love story with occasional outbursts of anger. It wasn’t without reason that I left the city…

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Tel Aviv’s Cult Frequency

in Life, Culture & Sports

Tel Aviv’s Teder phenomenon celebrates not only four years of existence but another summer of glory in the city’s south. Every night the pop-up radio/bar/club/concert venue turns Beit Romano, a 1947 shopping mall, into a hip open air place with music, beer and pizza – and at six in the morning the Teder crowd, chairs…

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Start-up Success Stories

in Economy & Innovation

The Israeli start-up company NiniSpeech won this year’s Global Innovation Awards 2016 in Beijing. The Haifa-based company with their stutter solution competed against 21 other start-ups from all over the world. Another Israeli company made the second place: AerialGuard also received US $ 200,000 for their autonomous navigation system for unmanned aircrafts. It’s not the…

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Hebrew University #1

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The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) published this year’s university rankings – and named the Hebrew Unversity of Jerusalem #1 in Israel, #1 in the Middle East and #26 among 1000 ranked degree-granting institutions worldwide. However, in comparison to the previous years, the academic landscape in Israel hasn’t overall improved. Last year, the Hebrew…

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