Israel already won the 2016 Olympics

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While the opening days of the Olympic Games were disappointing for the Israeli team, the country can be excited about its Olympics success nevertheless: an economic success that is. One of the most important apps for the games is Israel’s Moovit, which is responsible for navigation and transportation between the different sport arenas in Brazil. The app not only uses public transportation, taxis and Ubers in its route planners, but even motorboats.

Moreso, Israeli companies are responsible for all security services around the games in Brazil. Together with the heading company International Security & Defense Systems 30 other Israeli security firms are working in Brazil with a budget of 2,2 Billion USD, showcasing their unique skills and innovations.

Nevertheless there is also some reason for cheering in the actual sportive part of the Olympics: Judoka Yarden Gerbi brought Israel the first bronze medal, and the 8th in Israels history. Further hope lays on the team for Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Participating in the Olympic Games pays off for Israel (Credit:
Participating in the Olympic Games pays off for Israel (Credit:

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