Daniel Hoffman: a musical way

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Violinist Daniel Hoffman is about to celebrate a new peak in his career after working eight years into trying to revive klezmer music in Israel.
The US-born musician complements original klezmer with modern tunes, calling it a ‘new deep klezmer fiddle project’.

Daniel Hoffmann with his favorite instruments (Credit: private)
Daniel Hoffmann with his favorite instruments (Credit: private)

Unexpectedly when the US-born musician came to Israel in 2008, he had to endure a long period of patience. “When I came here, I thought they’d like it,” said Hoffman. “I thought I’d get in on the ground floor of something that would be big,” he remembers. However, this took more time than expected which in turn gave Hoffman time to develop his personal style.

In addition to working on his new Yiddish Baroque album ‘Di Tsaytmashin’ with vocalist Avishai Fisz, Hoffman is going to perform at the renowned Inbal Dance Theatre in Tel Aviv this month.

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