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The online platform Israel21c invites guests to an online exhibition that is a must-see – or rather a must-click since each teaser and provocative poster is the gateway to a news worthy story. ‘18 Ways Israel is Changing the World’ spans from cancer sniffing devices to Israelis who help Syrians, latest role models to water scarcity solutions.

The authors of the pieces picked latest innovations and developments in various areas of the life in Israel and created one of the most topical impressions of this country’s development since its foundation.

View Exhibition Online

And this year’s present to the country’s Independence Day is a video worth watching – Postcard from Israel – Uncovering Israel

(Credits: Video editing by Asi Aivas for ISRAEL21c, Video footage by Asi Aivas, Elahn Zetlin, Avi Kanner, Dennis Zinn for ISRAEL21c, Extra footage from Paradive Skydiving, Production by Nicky Blackburn and Viva Sarah Press for ISRAEL21c)

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