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Passion Project: Arabesque in Acre

in Tourism & Nature

It is literally the passion project of a man’s heart: When the award-winning Israeli American author Evan Fallenberg came across the run-down premise in the old city of Acre, he had a vision: restore, renovate – and create a beautiful cultural centre for writers, musicians, translators of all religions. Since Evan is not only a…

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Cornerstone for the new National Library

in Life, Culture & Sports

Jerusalem’s next prestige project is on its way: at the beginning of this week, President Reuven Rivlin symbolically laid the first cornerstone for the country`s new National Library. The building, due to be opened in 2020, is designed and carried out by the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron and the Israeli architects Amir Mann-Ami…

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Eilat’s new international airport

in Economy & Innovation/Tourism & Nature

Most Israelis admit easily that Eilat isn’t the most enchanting place on earth. On the other hand the desert city along the Red Sea turns out to be one of the everlasting hot spots for local tourists and internationals alike. This not only boosted the ego of the local Eilatis who love their city –…

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