Cornerstone for the new National Library

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Jerusalem’s next prestige project is on its way: at the beginning of this week, President Reuven Rivlin symbolically laid the first cornerstone for the country`s new National Library. The building, due to be opened in 2020, is designed and carried out by the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron and the Israeli architects Amir Mann-Ami Shinar.

Pres. Rivlin at National Library (Credit: Mark Neyman, GPO)
Pres. Rivlin at National Library (Credit: Mark Neyman, GPO)

The President stated that the laying of the cornerstone of the new National Library in Jerusalem was a celebration for all book lovers, and for the People of the Book. He said, “The inspiring historic process of our return to the Land of Israel is not just the story of a physical return, but a process of a spiritual and ideological return to the wealth of culture created by the Jewish people. A return to freedom and liberty, a return to the Hebrew language, and to the story of the Jewish people as a whole. Zionism’s founding fathers saw as a part of its goals, the thriving of Hebrew culture, the Hebrew arts.”

A new home

The new building is located in the National Quarter ‘Kiryat LaLeom’. “Here we are placing today the cornerstone of the branch of our national culture. The cornerstone of a pleasant home, spacious and full of the beauty of the national library,” said Rivlin.

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