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Kosher-eating and travel-loving people often feel a bit lost when it comes to finding a kosher restaurant in an unknown area. Therefore, many either travel with their own food or need to check endless lists of internet recommendations to find out if a restaurant is truly kosher according to the Kashrut.

It is surprising that it took so long to come up with an app to solve this problem – however, ‘Ma Kasher’ (What is kosher?) finally answers this demand. It is one of the latest hits on the app market and was downloaded more than 10,000 times over the first few days. Developers are currently finishing an English and Spanish version of the database and Apple has already announced that it will list ‘Ma kasher’ in the international Appstore.

Particularly interesting are two features: since the Jewish year 5775 is a ‘Schmitta’ year, fruit and vegetables cannot be sold by Jewish farmers. The app informs about the shop’s and restaurant’s policy regarding ‘Schmitta’.

And those who would still like to check back with the responsible Rabbi will find the contact details next to the restaurant listing. “This is absolutely unique, I don’t think that such an extensive database including the responsible Rabbis exists,” says Nissim Edry, CEO of Ma Kasher producer Afik Pirsum.

More information:

Website Ma Kasher with download button

App aims to keep things kosher, Times of Israel, 24.10.14 (English)

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