Israeli startup WIX buys in at 2015’s Superbowl

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The Israeli startupWix is not only one of the most successful companies in the Holy Country but soon to be internationally renowned as well – Wix bought a 30-second slot at this year’s Superbowl for no less than 4.5 million US-Dollar. What will be shown on Feb 1 to millions of people remains a well-kept secret, however one thing is certain: the annual ads are sure to be hotly discussed. So far, Wix only announced that there will be ‘an ad that displays our mission in a creative way.’
The company offers a simplified method to host and design webpages. Wix is located in Tel Aviv’s port and was founded in 2006. In November 2013 they went public. Since then, the company hosts 45.000 new clients on a daily basis. Despite this success, Wix is not yet known in the American market. This, however, is going to change after this year’s Superball mega-event.

Creative startup company WIX in Tel Aviv's port (credit:
Creative startup company WIX in Tel Aviv’s port (credit:

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Israel’s Wix has bought an ad in the Super Bowl, Mashable, 12. Nov. 14 (English)

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