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Lego Launches Women ‘Hall of Fame’ Museum in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Israeli families and tourists can visit the Holon Lego Park from mid-July to the end of August to wander through boulevards of Lego landmarks, mazes of building blocks, and a hall of fame, of sorts, in honor of many notable Israeli women. The Lego park is constructed annually for “the big break,” or what Israeli…

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Teenage Girls Advance in Tech Industry

in Economy & Innovation

The next generation of entrepreneurial women is in rapid development thanks to female entrepreneurs creating opportunities which didn’t exist when they were young girls. For the many women working and leading their own way in technology, a number of projects have risen to support the intellectual and emotional development lacking in most standard female education…

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Can Cells be Trained for Healthier Pregnancies?

in Health & Science

A woman’s body is more adaptable than she may think. New Israeli research studies led by Hadassah Medical Center and Hebrew University show that women’s bodies naturally learn from their first pregnancy to create healthier second, and further, pregnancies. A six-year cell study was conducted, and research found that complications during first time births are…

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Two Million Dollars Granted for Women’s Rights in Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports

One million dollars is being injected into advancing women’s rights in Israeli society, thanks to the Genesis Prize Foundation. This is in addition to the one million dollars grant that Natalie Portman claimed for women’s empowerment through the organization, for a total of two million dollars. Thanks to Morris Kahn, an Israeli philanthropist, who chose…

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Vital Zinger: Wonder Woman on Wheels

in Life, Culture & Sports/Uncategorized

Whatever you think you know about people with disabilities, forget it, and meet Vital Zinger, the woman who is radically shifting old fashioned stigmas about people with disabilities. She is creating a new conversation, not about “how I can’t walk, but what I can do, and what I can contribute as a person, not as…

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