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Epic Artist Paints Only with Her Mouth

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

Paralysis didn’t stop Bracha Fischel from becoming a skilled and sought out painter and lecturer. In fact, her circumstances only fuel her to advance her technique, even if she is “stuck” in a wheelchair. Always an active young woman, Bracha moved to Israel from Switzerland in 1991, where she met her husband, had three daughters,…

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We Need to Talk About Eilat

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports

I was shocked when I heard the news. Thirty Israelis were said to have waited in line. Israelis aren’t known for waiting in line. Yet this line was different. In this line, allegedly stood some 30 men and boys waiting their turn to rape a 16-year old girl. She was visiting an Eilat hotel with…

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Beyonce Keeps Rocking Israeli Designs

in Life, Culture & Sports

In her newest feature-length music video, Beyonce takes on an ever-changing stream of outrageous fashion, including designs from three Israeli designers. Released on July 31, her visual album “Black is King” was inspired by her 2019 remake of the Lion King soundtrack. Filmed in various countries including Africa, Belgium, London, and more, Beyonce invites a…

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Israel Works to Tackle Human Trafficking

in Health & Science

In most recent news, a sex trafficking ring was busted on Monday, arresting eight suspects who were said to be bringing women from abroad to Israel for prostitution. Setup as a mobile massage service, the ring leader is suspected to be a 51-year-old former Israeli athlete turned trainer, who is female. The other arrested were…

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Important Prize from Nefesh B’Nefesh goes to our editor Zo Flamenbaum

in Life, Culture & Sports

As the publisher of “Israel-Between The Lines”, the Israeli-Swiss Association, is especially pleased that our editor, Zo Flamenbaum, has been awarded the Bonei Zion Prize by the organization Nefesh B’Nefesh in the category “Young Leadership”. We congratulate Zo on this important achievement.  We are honoured that Zo is part of our team. For four years…

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