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The Tel Aviv Bike Path is Blossoming

in Tourism & Nature

For an urban hub like Tel Aviv, bike paths are a hot topic. Given the consistent increase in congestion and traffic, local residents tend to use bicycles, not solely to enjoy the ride, but to get from point A to B. The relationship between cyclists, drivers and even pedestrians has been rocky. With poorly set…

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Tel Aviv is Only 21% Youth

in Economy & Innovation

Compared to other major cities in Israel, Tel Aviv has the least percentage of children 17 and under. In a recent report published by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Modiin Illit, an Orthodox town, has the highest percentage of youth at 64%, versus Tel Aviv whose population is only made up of 21%. Living in…

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Torn Down Building Turned Art Project

in Life, Culture & Sports

Even the buildings waiting for demolition can be useful in the present. An initiative led by Tel Aviv City Council, real estate agencies and artists is taking the dilapidated buildings across Tel Aviv to flip them, if only briefly, into cultural centers. With a construction craze endlessly sweeping through Tel Aviv, there are numerous plots…

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Tel Aviv is Expensive and Worth Every Shekel

in Life, Culture & Sports

Tel Aviv is ranked the 9th most expensive city in the world, reported by the Economic Intelligence Unit, making her a challenging place to live comfortably, save money and afford many of life’s luxurious pleasures. Despite the financial obstacles which exist on a daily basis, there is an inherent and indescribable value that lives within…

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Cigarette Butts for a Birthday Gift?

in Health & Science

As the sun set on Friday night, July 19, which was also the Israeli version of Valentine’s Day, over a dozen local residents scattered along the Tel Aviv beach with one goal – to clean up cigarette butts. The idea was inspired by environmental activist and lifestyle mentor, Julian Melcer, who invited both friends and…

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