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Men’s Health in the Spotlight In Israel

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Men across the globe have begun growing moustaches and beards in an unstoppable epidemic that is catching on worldwide. It began with No-Shave November, where a group of young men in Australia chose to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for the alarming rates in which men were getting prostate cancer. Their aim…

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Fast Train Approach

in Health & Science

If everything goes according to the plan, the fast train connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is scheduled to start operating in 2018. The construction for the long-term project is one of the country’s biggest projects with a budget of NIS 7 billion. For the new train a few records had to be built: the country’s…

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Tel Aviv’s Cult Frequency

in Life, Culture & Sports

Tel Aviv’s Teder phenomenon celebrates not only four years of existence but another summer of glory in the city’s south. Every night the pop-up radio/bar/club/concert venue turns Beit Romano, a 1947 shopping mall, into a hip open air place with music, beer and pizza – and at six in the morning the Teder crowd, chairs…

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A proper beach lesson

in Tourism & Nature

Tourists and new immigrants had the chance to brighten up their beach afternoons with a couple of free Hebrew lessons that were organised by the municipality in August. Ulpan-teacher and head of the Neve Tsedek Ulpan, Michal Oppenhaim taught language classes right by the beach. However, her focus was somewhat different to ordinary lessons. While…

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New Trend: Edible forests

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Tel Aviv was the first, Modiin is the second city to introduce ‘edible forests’ to their inhabitants: fruit gardens, orchards and vegetables planted by volunteers under the supervision of the city administration or ‘Hava and Adam’ ecological farm experts and free for the public. The idea is to provide free fruit and vegetables for people…

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