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Domestic Airport replaced by houses

in Tourism & Nature

Tel Aviv’s domestic airport Sde Dov is going to be closed down by the end of 2018 for civilian aviation and in 2017 for military aviation. While the area will be turned into a place for around 16 000 housing units, hotels, shopping malls and a seafront park, domestic flights to Eilat will become less…

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Tel Aviv Top 15 Culinary City

in Life, Culture & Sports

It sounds like a repetition but is a well-deserved title Tel Aviv is winning all over again: the renowned Conde Nast Traveler magazine named Tel Aviv as one of the top 15 culinary cities in the world. Other competitors are hubs like London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Buenos Aires or Sydney and Singapore. For…

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Dede’s Book of Graffiti Art

in Life, Culture & Sports

Whoever has an eye for graffiti loves local artists in Tel Aviv. The city is featuring half a dozen street artists. One of them is Dede who is famous for his figures with band aids. His bunnies, bears, machines and people are spread throughout the city with the biggest concentration in Tel Aviv’s Florentin area.…

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Beach Art: Picasso in Bikini

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature

Nine reproductions of Picasso, Matisse, Renoir, Kandinsky and other famous painters are framing the beach promenade south of Bograshow street in Tel Aviv. The open air art gallery is a municipal initiative, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Each of the paintings is briefly explained and made accessible for the whole family…

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Why I came to Israel

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

Immigration to Israel is traditionally associated with Jews abroad. However, more and more non-Jewish people move to Israel – for love, for work or even simply out of passion for the country. Yet, in comparison to Jewish immigrants they are much less supported by the governmental immigration offices. We talked to four non-Jewish, German-speaking immigrants…

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