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Breast Cancer Awareness Making a Statement

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The trees are officially growing bras in Tel Aviv, as over 100 bras have been hung on the central ‘Tree of Life’ which sits amidst Habima Square. Though many locals questioned the newest exhibit with curiosity, it proves how crucial these kinds of attention grabbers are to introduce October as breast cancer awareness month in…

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Tel Aviv Ignites with Innovation Fair

in Economy & Innovation

Since 2013, thousands of innovators have gathered in Tel Aviv to connect, create and meet at the DLD Innovation Fair. On its fifth consecutive year, the event is set to welcome thousands of people, about 120 delegations from across the world, and hundreds of global startups. With dozens of events hitting Tel Aviv city, attendees…

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The Secret Power of this Online Community

in Life, Culture & Sports

What time is it? Someone chose to ask. Despite there being one answer in theory, the question garnered hundreds of responses in mere minutes. There’s only one place which can produce these kinds of results on a Facebook post, and it’s no longer a secret. Eight years ago, Secret Tel Aviv opened its virtual gates…

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Tel Aviv city pulls an all nighter for White Night

in Life, Culture & Sports

Imagine walking down the street to see acrobatics flying in the starry sky, graffiti artists spray painting local shop doors, and street bands at every corner surrounded by dance parties. This is White Night Tel Aviv, an all-night Arts Festival when the nonstop city lives up to its own name – in overdrive. It’s the…

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An American-ish Girl in Tel Aviv

in Life, Culture & Sports/Monthly Report

I didn’t think I fit in. It showed in the small and simple things. Instead of the standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I would spend lunchtime biting into the delicious and eccentric combination of cream cheese and cucumber. Instead of going to Jewish summer sleepaway camp, I would travel to Israel. Instead of being named…

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