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Yotpo Surprises International Employees with Taste of Home

in Health & Science/Life, Culture & Sports
Credit: Didi Mazri

“You’re calling from Israel? What happened to my son?” Didi Mazri, Private Chef, quickly realized his mistake when he called Liad’s parents at 6:00AM, California time. He assured them everything was okay.  All he needed to know was their son’s favorite homemade meal. Mazri, a personal chef and culinary consultant who operates with a health…

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Tel Aviv Transportation is Rolling with the Times

in Economy & Innovation
Credit: Pexels

If there is one thing everyone in Israel can agree on, it is the disastrous parking situation in Tel Aviv. Residents can spend hours looking for parking spots, which increases frustration, air pollution, and traffic congestion in the city that never sleeps. The Tel Aviv municipality is finally making moves to create a long term…

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Tel Aviv Culinary Scene is the Best in the World

in Life, Culture & Sports/Tourism & Nature
Credit: Unsplash

Claiming any city has the best culinary scene in the world is a substantial statement, and is determined by a few major foodie factors – the food, the service and the overall scene. In Israel, the quality of all three are on an exponential rise, and thanks to Mediterranean influence, Israel’s food scene has always…

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Dizengoff Square is Now A Pile of Rubble

in Life, Culture & Sports
Dizengoff Square is famous for its colourful fountain

For anyone who has ever stepped into Dizengoff Square, you may understand the magical appeal of the legendary Fire and Water Fountain. The fountain used to spin around as her colorful state, spitting fire, splashing water and playing classical tunes every hour on the hour. Created by artist Yaacov Agam in 1986, the fountain sat…

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Tel Aviv is a Cruel, Cruel Renter’s World

in Life, Culture & Sports
Credit: Pexels

“The apartment comes with a cat. If you don’t take the cat, you don’t take the apartment.” This was one of the more tame demands made by a Tel Aviv landlord, where street cats apparently get higher priority than humans. Demands run from the completely absurd to the highly inappropriate. This one example is simple…

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