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Record Breaking Heatwave Across Israel

in Tourism & Nature

Despite the passing of August’s simmering heat, the first week of September in Israel saw the highest temperatures of the summer season thus far, lasting for a record-breaking 8 days. Across the country, temperatures have soared as high as 49 degrees Celsius, or 120.2 degrees Fahrenheit, causing a lockdown of a different kind. Even Jerusalem,…

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HealthTech Companies Filling Gaps to Revolutionize Industry  

in Health & Science

With major gaps in the current health care system, some Israeli companies are steadily working towards using technology to create solutions, bringing attention to the ways technology can be used to fill those gaps. One Israeli startup called StuffThatWorks is a data-based platform that connects patients seeking relief. With over 70% of people “googling” their…

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Solar Power Will Save the World

in Economy & Innovation

The Environmental Protection Ministry, supported by the OECD, is urging Israel to move to 40% renewable energy by 2030, despite their previously stated goal of 30%, which is still being pursued by the Energy Ministry. Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz continues to push for gas-powered plants stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, and says that 30% is…

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How Israel is Moving Through Corona

in Health & Science

The second wave of corona isn’t getting better. Numbers continue to increase, hospital wards across the country are overcapacity, and the public continues to protest the lack of governmental support. The silver lining continues to be the people moving with purpose and passion, to make corona times just a bit easier and lighter for all.…

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Taking Solar Energy to the Next Level

in Economy & Innovation/Monthly Report/Tourism & Nature

What if energy production was not only climate-friendly but also supported flourishing agriculture in the desert? Ralph Steigrad is trying to get Swiss and Israelis around a table for a pilot project to make it happen. As so often in life, the idea was inspired by a discussion. Ralph Steigrad was still living in Australia at…

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