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Hebrew language revival

in Life, Culture & Sports

Eliezer Ben Yehuda, known as the icon who revived the Hebrew language, would be proud. His linguistic efforts and dreams are being sparked into reality thanks to the dedication of the Academy of the Hebrew Language at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Taking the lead is Dr. Gabriel Birnbaum, a senior researcher who passionately carries on…

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Ancient mosaic found along coast in Israel

in Tourism & Nature

An ancient and beautiful piece of mosaic art was discovered in Caesarea National Park, which lies along the Mediterranean Sea between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The mosaic was a surprising discovery by the team at the Israel Antiquities Authority. The piece displays ancient Greek writing, which is so far illegible; however, helps date the mosaic…

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Heart disease rates on the decline

in Health & Science

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in Israel and after years of dedication, studies show that heart disease rates are on the decline. While heart disease numbers are high, Israel is one of the only countries in the world on the verge of drastically reducing death from heart disease. According to a 2017…

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New software prevents car crashes

in Economy & Innovation

In 2017, one person died every day because of a car accident. Over 24,000 people were injured over the course of the year. While car crashes seem inevitable, imagine if there was enough information to prevent the possibility of a car crash. A team from Bar Ilan University, led by Sarit Kraus and Ariel Rosenfeld,…

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Ancient Jawbone Rewrites Human History

in Tourism & Nature

A human jawbone discovered in a cave in Israel is rewriting the history books, shifting the evolutionary timeline forward by thousands of years. The jawbone, complete with teeth, was found in Misliya Cave in Israel’s Carmel region, and is thought to be between 170,000 to 200,000 years old. The fossil was uncovered in 2001; and…

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