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Fourteen Hours Can Impact Social Wellbeing

in Health & Science

The connection between parent and child has always been crucial; yet newer studies prove how important the first five months of a baby’s life is for their long-term development, emotional and social wellbeing and future relationships. Ruth Feldman, who heads the neuroscience center at the IDC Herzliya, has run a long-term study with results that…

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Red Sea Coral Reef may be Sole Survivor

in Tourism & Nature

While global warming is known to be destroying the lives of coral reefs around the world, the Red Sea is the one place where the hot climate is creating a thriving environment for the underwater garden. A surviving species of coral reef grew naturally in the Bab-el Mandeb straight, which runs between Yemen and Ethiopia,…

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Most Jewish Israelis Believe in God

in Life, Culture & Sports

Do you believe in God? For Jewish Israelis, there is a pretty clear answer. According to a poll hosted by Haaretz, about 54% of Jewish Israelis believe in God, and 21% believe in a higher power. Only 25% keep the Sabbath, and 45% have a kosher household, though 65% of Jews think that supermarkets should…

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How Mega Mergers Affected the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

in Economy & Innovation

PepsiCo digested the Israeli powerhouse company of Soda Stream days ago for a whopping $3.2 billion dollars. This means that the company which once helped boost the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) will leave the dual market and be placed with PepsiCo at the New York Stock Exchange. A recent announcement from CEO Itai Ben…

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Plastic Usage in Israel is Rising

in Economy & Innovation

In just four years, Israel’s plastic tableware consumption has grown by 51%. In 2014, sales were estimated at $124 million and in 2018, sales rose to $187 million. Despite the many environmental concerns and green initiatives from both governmental and private organizations, the growing statistic and reality is scary, and it’s not slowing down. Companies…

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