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Endangered Coral Reef Making a Comeback?

in Tourism & Nature

Coral reef is home to many a sea creature, and around the world, coral reefs are dying. Due to waters warming globally, oceans are reaching higher temperatures which are killing the coral, who are barely nourished to grow in such harsh circumstances. The most notable scare can be seen at the prestigious Great Barrier Reef…

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Bees Need Balanced Diet to Survive

in Health & Science

Bees are the queens who make honey, and honey is a symbol of a sweet Jewish new year. To our readers, donors and friends – the whole team at Israel Between the Lines wishes you the sweetest, healthiest new year yet. From our family to yours, Shana Tova! Bees Need Balanced Diet to Survive It’s…

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Are Housing Prices in Israel Going Down?

in Economy & Innovation

Real estate in Israel is a fierce market due to the highly limited space and increasingly high demand. The Central Bureau of Statistics has recently rolled out some surprising news – housing prices dropped by about 24% since the same time last year. According to the report, housing prices fell as much as 16% in…

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Unemployment Rate in Israel Lowest Ever

in Economy & Innovation

Working steadily to push Israel’s unemployment rates below 4% is Moshe Kahlon, Finance Minister, who saw a drop from 4.3% to 4.1% just one month ago, from June to July. While around 20% of the population lives below the poverty line, the economy seems to be fulfilling what it can – creating more jobs to…

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Sleep Study Blames the Blue Screen

in Uncategorized

Sleep is one the most important physiological functions of our body. When people don’t get enough sleep, the body and brain is affected on a long-term basis, causing a decline in concentration, can weaken the immune system, cause depression and much more. While everybody is different, the average person needs 7 to 8 hours of…

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