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The Secret of Sexual Sparks

in Life, Culture & Sports

It’s not new but now scientifically proven: an Israeli study reveals that the secret to sustaining great sex has little to do with actual intimacy in bed. Professor Gurit Birnbaum from IDC Herzliya and Professor Harry Reis of the University of Rochester conducted a study with more than 100 heterosexual couples over a period of…

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Weizman finds ‘social’ molecule

in Health & Science

Scientists at the renowned Weizman Institute of Science discovered a molecule that could play a crucial role in our social behaviour, namely if we are into socialising or not. Or in other words – if we are willing and able to leave our comfort zone and personal safety zone. Mice that were lacking this molecule…

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Third Microsoft Israel R&D Centre

in Economy & Innovation

Microsoft goes North with their new research and development centre in the Galilee city of Nazareth. The third R&D centre of the giant software enterprise is going to employ around 50 people, bringing the number of Microsoft employees in Israel (Haifa, Herzliya and now Nazereth) to 1000. ‘The new site is an additional step in…

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Festive statistics 1948-2016

in Economy & Innovation

It is one of the most anticipated records in the Israeli calendar: each year, just before the country celebrates its independence, the Central Bureau of Statistics presents the country’s latest statistics. The first numbers date back to the founding year when the country counted 806.000 residents in 1948. Today, the population has risen to 8.522.00…

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‘Israelis lack respect of authorities – however in science this is a great attribute’

in Economy & Innovation/Health & Science/Monthly Report

Professor Daniel Zajfman is the youngest president of the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science in the history of the research institute. Since the 47-year old physicist took over in 2006, the institute became more renowned and more international than ever before. We spoke with Professor Zajfman about Israeli science and his work as president. Interview…

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