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Early diagnosis of autism has 88% chance of Saving Lives

in Health & Science/Monthly Report
Photo Credit: Mifne Center

“There has to be another way,” thought Dr. Hanna Alonim, as she saw 6-year old children tied to their beds, over-stimulated and over-medicated. When Hanna started her professional career in the 80’s and later received her PhD in Mental Health, she spent time working with a group of deaf children. What she discovered was frightening.…

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Too Many Women Suffer from Intimate Partner Violence

in Health & Science
40% of Israeli Women Suffer from Violence (Pixabay)

There is a reason why the UN initiated an international day to “End Violence Against Women” on November 25, and the subject of domestic violence against women is continued to be discussed worldwide. A study recently conducted by the Ben Gurion University in Israel proves that almost 40% of women in Israel between the ages…

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The Secret of Sexual Sparks

in Life, Culture & Sports
A kissing couple in Tel Aviv (Credit: GPO, Moshe Millner)

It’s not new but now scientifically proven: an Israeli study reveals that the secret to sustaining great sex has little to do with actual intimacy in bed. Professor Gurit Birnbaum from IDC Herzliya and Professor Harry Reis of the University of Rochester conducted a study with more than 100 heterosexual couples over a period of…

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Weizman finds ‘social’ molecule

in Health & Science
Socialising at the Jerusalem Wine Festival 
(Credit: Mark Neyman, GPO)

Scientists at the renowned Weizman Institute of Science discovered a molecule that could play a crucial role in our social behaviour, namely if we are into socialising or not. Or in other words – if we are willing and able to leave our comfort zone and personal safety zone. Mice that were lacking this molecule…

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Third Microsoft Israel R&D Centre

in Economy & Innovation
Microsoft goes North and opens third R&D centre in Nazareth (Credit: MS Facebook)

Microsoft goes North with their new research and development centre in the Galilee city of Nazareth. The third R&D centre of the giant software enterprise is going to employ around 50 people, bringing the number of Microsoft employees in Israel (Haifa, Herzliya and now Nazereth) to 1000. ‘The new site is an additional step in…

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