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Communal Living and Global Travel Blend

in Tourism & Nature

Two Israelis are changing the way people travel, live and work. Enter Selina, a new kind of hostel, and haven, to support both international traveler and local community. When two friends and real estate developers took to South America, they uncovered miles of beautiful beaches and untouched opportunity. Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski lived in…

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Tel Aviv Celebrates 20 Years of Gay Pride

in Life, Culture & Sports

With an uplifting boost of energy, colorful celebrations rang loudly along the streets of Tel Aviv on Friday, June 8 at the annual culmination of Tel Aviv Pride Week, the gay pride parade. The theme of the year was the community celebrating history as 2018 showed the 20th annual year marching, the 10th annual opening…

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Israeli Economy Grows and Need for Inclusivity Does Too

in Economy & Innovation

The Israeli economy is booming, and the societal split is growing larger with each step forward. A recently released 2018 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD report, shows what might seem like advancement in Israel’s society; however, the economic gaps between groups like the Haredim and Arabs are only growing further with low employment…

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Bilingual Children Get Massive Benefits

in Health & Science

For one fifth of first graders across Israel, Hebrew is not their homegrown language. Due to the increasing number of internationals who move to Israel, Professor Sharon Armon-Lotem of Bar Ilan University has taken to studying the affects of being bilingual, particularly in child development. Her research includes results from the past 20 years, learned…

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Refugees Saved from Genocide is First Step

in Economy & Innovation

A group of 300 Sudanese asylum seekers were granted refugee status in Israel. While community outrage towards the treatment of thousands of asylum seekers continues, this small but starting step is the right direction towards a positive humanitarian approach to the complicated situation the Israeli government initiated with their plan to expel over 16,000 asylum…

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