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Katharina Höftmann

Stories from the Holy Land: Kid-o-Fun

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Israeli men like children, and they don't just want 1 or 2, they favour 3 (Credit: Gefen Yaakov, GPO)

‘If you ask me, three children are one too many.’ When my mother made this statement about her idea of family planning last week, I suddenly started to feel uneasy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mum. She is a wise lady, a mother, a former teacher, and she is right most of the…

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Stories from the Holy Land: Pita

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Tasty Bibi - a piece of art by 'Year of the Pita' (Credit: YOTP Instagram)

I can’t say it any other way: my first time was a catastrophe. I burst into it. From the wrong side, too hectic and without a plan. First here, then there. I wanted too much in one go. And in the end: it dripped without stopping and my dress was totally soiled. No, no, don’t…

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Passover: Moshe the Kosher Kitty

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Dschinji is a foody. Or is there any other description for a dedicated Whiskas-aficionado on four paws? There you go. However, today we faced a problem that was new to me. Firstly, I had run out of cat food. All right. And secondly, it is Passover. You might wonder, gentle reader, how these two obviously…

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